LED Bulb Light the City.


LED bulb is one of the most popular usage lighting products in both industrial and residential areas.  With one million energy-efficient LED bulbs to shine in different ways, the Atlanta Botanical Garden will become a winter wonderland this holiday season. Visitors to the garden will not only enjoy the natural beauty of winter, but also a lighting show that consists of LED sign display, LED landscape decoration and plants wrapped in LED lights.
The holiday show is named as Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, and will open nightly from November 19 through January 7. Various kinds of LED bulbs will be used throughout the 30-acre Midtown attraction, exhibiting innovative lighting designs, and visitors can enjoy their holiday nights among these the LED display lights, feeling the real spirit of holiday.  Led lights are not only energy efficient especially for large show like Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, but also environmentally friendly without making much light pollution or interfering with plants growth. High quality light and controllable visual effects will also enable these LED lights to throw a sparkling veil over the landscape, allowing people to perceive the garden scene in a differently amazing way.

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