Led Tube Light Energy Saving more than 50%


  Recent years, Led Tube Light rapidly into public view, the huge market space sought after by many companies, have expanded investment to share more market share. Led Tube in the investment boom, the country star power than those with the flow, but one of the pioneers, as early as 30 years ago the company began to explore the product on Led Tube, today, country star power set foot on the capital market , it will use the capital markets wheel drive faster development in the future.

  The product composition from the current view, SMD Led Tube device components and SMD Led Tube Star power up the country's main business is mainly used in white goods and instructions based applications. China Merchants Securities researcher Zhang Liangyong appear in the future, more room for development enterprise is Led Tube lighting, he said: "At present, the white has entered a mature stage, direct applications of Led Tube, in the existing areas have very high penetration rate Therefore, for companies to get the development needed to Led Tube Led Tube light show and two areas of development. 

  It is understood, Led Tube Led Tube light is divided into backlight and Led Tube two general lighting market. One, Led Tube backlight higher market entry barriers, and packaging sectors have been built-in tendency. The Led Tube general lighting market, is currently in the market introduction phase, and the degree of standardization of products is relatively low, the product forms are rapidly changing, Led Tube packaging business as a larger space. Star power in the country four raise investment projects, including a Led Tube light manufacturing projects, the implementation of the project, showing that the country star power began to extend the industry chain and downstream areas of lighting,

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