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SNL all led highbay light had passed CE-LVD, CE-EMC, FCC, RoHS certificates and 100w-250w also had passed UL, DLC SAA SASO certificates.

SNL led highbay light series were designed by SNL senior R&D team, all SNL R&D engineers with more than 10years R&D experience in LED industry. During research and develop, engineers not only focus on overall performance, the ornamental value of appearance is also one of the most important focal point.

What is SNL led highbay light technology include?

● LED light source: CREE chip
● Driver: Meanwell driver specialize designed only for LED highbay light. While drivers that almost companies use can be applied in floodlight, streetlight, etc., and the driver we employ is only made for led high bay light with more outstanding performance.
● The appearance treatment in black demonstrates elegance, fashion and distinction; more importantly, led lamp of black facilitates heat dissipation.
● The structure of lamp adopts round layered design, manifesting the uniform beauty of lamps.
Most manufactures on the market adopt rectangular or elliptic boxes to place the driver, which affects the overall beauty. Our driver, radiator and reflector are all round-shaped with overall uniformity and beautiful.
● Outstanding manufacturing technique processing guarantees the quality of lamp.
A. The light-emitting area is larger than that of the other led high bay lights, which is beneficial for grading and heat dissipation of LED sources.
B. The input line is non-manual welded, but adopts the reflow soldering paster technique.
C. Under the design of ring array circuit, one unlighted LED source does not deactivate the other LEDs from working.
D. The heat-conducting silica gel is coated not by manual operation but by printing technique.

Quality Control:

IQC: 100% CHECK        LQC: NO LESS THAN 30% CHECK         FQC: 100% CHECK

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