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LED Testing Facility:


Shi Neng Lighting uses the advanced testing mahcine for its LED lighting products.

Spectrophoto Colorimete machine is one of the most efficient machine for LED lighting analysis .  This machine measure and reveal the relative spectral power distribution of light source and luminescent material (UV, visible, near infrared / UV-UIS-NIR), chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, the peak wavelength, red ratio, green ratio, blue ratio, spectral radiant power, luminous flux, luminous efficiency and other optical parameters.

SNL adpot a new test equipment which can test ambient temperature and temperature within photosphere at the same time, making the measurement qualification more audio-visual and data more reliable; the chromaticity diagram and the color tolerance chart in test report can be converted freely, to solve customers' misunderstanding of the light color by different standards of different type of light.sources.

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