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Increase in the Consumption of LED fixtures in USA

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Home LED products have become so common in USA that about two third of the population are making use of the LED lighting so that they get the finest time. The consumption of LED lights have increased to such an extent that it become almost double that of the previous time. This kind of increase in consumption of these lights is something that has happen all in a sudden and that to such a higher level that there has been surveys done this increase and such a gradual increase of the usage of the LED fixtures in the country.

It is evident that the rates of LED consumption is increasing to such a higher extend not just because these are available in much reduced prices but rather from the huge changes that have happened to the attitude of the customers. As per the company OSRAM that is situated in North America, the surveys are revealing the fact that this immense usage of the LED fixtures is because LED and the major pros in using that are reaching quite a lot of people in much better way than before. People are understanding the term LED and the various advantages of using them.


Most of the customers are focused of getting solid state lighting products for getting the general lighting for the family. The choice o the people changed with time and it started from incandescent, then to compact fluorescent lamp and now it has reached to LED light. The major reasons for the shift include the power consumption, availability of different colors and also the energy star certification. 

Advantages of Using LED Lighting 

The surveys conducted revealed the fact that the market has not completely surrendered to LED and in fact there are so many consumers who are still buying the CFL bulbs. It is also a fact that the surveys were done before the launch of the LED lights that are lower in price. This might have really brought changes in market and it is estimated that within a time of one year there are more probability that the market can turn all towards LED lighting. It is not just the price that affects the consumption of LED lighting. There are so many other factors that actually influence the decision of a customer in choosing the LED fixtures. These products provide with better brightness and they also last longer than other kinds of lighting available in the market. 

Things that Consumers Emphasize While Choosing Lighting 

There are so many factors that the consumers do consider when they are buying lighting. The quality of the product, the brightness etc are factors that you might be anticipating but there are also certain things that consumers look in the lighting. The beauty of the product, the packing of the product and also perfect details of the product including price are certain things that can influence the customer’s decision. 

Most of the customers who want to make their look smart and are trying to implement intelligent lighting are looking forward for using LED fixtures.

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