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Indian government has made in promoting the LED Lights

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The Indian government is nowadays the leading government promoting the energy saving lamps LED universals. Earlier this year, the prime minister announced that the government will use these lamps in the government buildings and street lights. This government is also using the general public to promote the energy saving lamps LED packages. They recommended that all the departments in the government as well as the subsidiary bodies to only purchase the LED lights as the daily lighting lamps government departments. All the government departments are supposed to the traditional lights with the LED lights. Currently, there are 302 governments departments in India which are involved in the promotion of this project.

According to the promotion plan, it is planned that by March 2019, all the 100 cities using the ordinary household lights and street lights will have switched to LED lamps. Currently, the number of normal light bulbs in the Indian market is 770 million while the number of street lights is 35,000,000. It is estimated that the total energy consumption will decrease from 3400 MW to 1400 MW per year thereby saving up to 55 billion rupees. However, they cost more when compared with the LED lights but in the long run they are better.

The Indian government is determined to promote the LED energy saving lamps. Despite the high prices, they are able to supply to the buyers. In order to simplify price pressure, the plan provides for the local government when carrying out the transformation of the street lights. As per now, this government has 186 cities that should join the promotion of the household lamps LED replacement program. These cities include cities such as Andhra, Pradesh, Pondicherry and many others. They have already completed the renovation process and about 10 million LED bulbs have been installed.

This great nation has also set up a certain company called Energy Efficient Services. It specializes in the promotion of the domestic and also promotes the LED street lighting. This program has covered about 3.7 million poor families from the start of this year. They are able to offer Rs 10 each to buy 2 high quality LED lights run. In the general market, an energy-saving light bulb is priced at 300 to 400 lira while this company is pricing them at 95 to 125 lira subsidies.

The LED light bulb prices have declined by 73 liras from 310 liras per month. The department dealing with the LED lights follows the procurement process orders and this is the main reason as to why there has been a substantial price reduction. The Indian officials said that the LED energy saving lamps will further promote the campaign about energy saving. This will be due to the urgent need for India support especially in the tourism related venues facilities, cultural heritage, places of worship and many others. India is the domestic manufacturing of the household LED products with a monthly capacity of 32 million bulbs as well as 200,000 street light bulbs. Nowadays, the number of the LED lighting products is growing at a higher rate. Generally, there has been a consistent growth in the domestic demand that will further stimulate the emergence of the India’s more energy-saving LED lamp manufacturers.

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