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Asia is the main force for LED lighting in the future

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Asian Urbanization in 2025 increased to 53% from 44% in 2010 year, while, global urbanization only increase 6% at the same time. With the growing of the middle class in Asia, the consumption demand for transportation and communication technology will continue to grow, and the requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability are also growing. The trends of Asian market are driving innovation and change in the lighting technology for residential, medical diagnostics and therapy, outdoor application and transportation those four key field.

Wherein, in the construction field, green building and smart home will create a new architectural concept. With the digital environment-detection lighting system, realizing remote and automatic control; In the medical field, medical imaging, mobile monitoring devices and biosensors will bring the prosperity and development of optical diagnostics; In outdoor lighting, street and outdoor lighting will maximize utilize daylight, saving energy meanwhile reducing urban pollution; In the transport sector, the development of intelligent transportation will lead to traffic lights to adopt sustainable lighting solutions, and energy-efficient vehicles also will use more environmentally friendly lighting.

Currently, the global lighting market scale is about $ 66 billion, and In 2020, it is expected to increase to $ 100 billion. At the scheduled time LED lighting will account for more than 70% of the global lighting market share. And the Asia demand for the market of LED lighting is especially strong, mainly thanks to the construction market of urbanization and prosperity, as well as government support for energy-efficient lighting. Asia is not only a major consumer market of LED lighting, but also the major manufacturing market of LED lighting. A large number of LED lighting factories in mainland China and Taiwan region of China, and the rapid rise of Korea and Japan.

The incentive that LED develop another major market is from reconstruction needs. In 2011, after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the huge demand for reconstruction in Japan for the LED market penetration increased to 50%, and it is expected to further increase to 90%.

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