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The progress of LG Innotek in the high power LED chips

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Herein is crucial information concerning the high power LED chips of 180lm per watt that was released by the LG Innotek. 

The LG Innotek is a reputable company that achieved the highest rated luminous efficiency successfully. This luminous is for the high power LED packaging products H35C4 Series mass production. The LG Innotek power of the LED luminous efficiency increased by more than 13 percent as compared to the previous packages of products. When this is compared to the similar products produced by their competitors, the optical efficiency got improved by more than 10 percent.

The LG Innotek is thus a great company. This company also proposed plans from the beginning of October. The proposed plans will lead to mass production of H35C Series supply to the global market. This company also makes use of the vertical type of LED chip technology. This is where phosphor is manufactured in order to produce the light emitting LED chip and thus will optimize the mixing process. This will lead to success of improved performance. The actual use of the environment LED lighting at 85 and 700mA is usually higher than the other competing products 10lm per watt reaching 152 lm per watt light efficiency. Therefore, the produce performance and reliability has been recognized already.

The above also increases the life expectancy of the products. This is according to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) certification system. The LED lighting credibility evaluation form respect LM-80 test results. This product has more than 51,000 hours of life before the product was increased by 3-fold which can be used for 150,000 hours. The LG Innotek reach warm is 2700K, 5000K cool white and the color temperature of the product is achieved within the natural color which is similar to the color rendering index within daylight (6500k). All ranges have more high color rendering index product series. Most of the people who bought this product according to the purpose can be designed the LED lighting products.

This company has also focused on the development of the high power LED package as well as the high efficiency of the LED packaging. The company has also focused on the high performance of other new products. In addition to this, the LG Innotek is also planning to have the world’s highest level of performance UV LED as well as the automotive lighting of the LED high value added products. This has led to more intensive series of the lighting products and thus customers are buying high quality goods.

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