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Samsung Expands Linear Type LED Modules Line up with F series for high bay light

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Samsung Electronics reinforces its linear type LED modules line-up with M series and F series, which have a high lumen density and highly efficacy offering tremendous convenience to LED lighting fixture makers with one of the most reliable and design-friendly feature-sets in the industry.

The both modules feature Samsung’s LM561B LED package, which has successfully completed 6,000 hours of LM-80 testing. In addition, the width of M and F series readily replaces T5 fluorescents light, which usually have a diameter of around 0.6 inches or 16mm. It results in more design flexibility when replacing conventional fluorescent tubes or LEDs in the same luminaire.

The F- series have a luminous flux of 4650 lm and efficacy of 141lm/W (5000K CCT at 50℃). It can be substituted for fluorescent lights used in high-ceiling environments such as warehouses, plants and parking lot.

2ft T5/T8 fluorescent lights retain a brightness of 1200 ~ 1500lm each and three installations can be up to 4500lm in brightness. However, a single F-series module is sufficient to replace three to five of these lights. Luminous efficacy is also maintained at a level higher than that of conventional fluorescent lights, making the F- series competitive for use in High-bay/Low-bay light.

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